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As a survivor of betrayal, infidelity, trauma, and emotional abuse, I Chose In to doing the hard work necessary to see through the manipulation, deceit, and lies that came from being the spouse of an addict. I had to accept that this was my life. The only way to heal was to go through the pain, to see it clear, and work through it. Today, I help others find their way from feeling shattered and hopeless to strong and empowered. You are not alone. You are not the only one that is experiencing these types of things. There is absolutely healing and happiness ahead IF you do what is required to get there. I am the Author of Cutting Ties -Healing from Betrayal Trauma as the Spouse of an Addict. As you read it you will find I don’t shy away from the real raw painful truth. My podcast is no different. We can only become something more if we see the truth with clear eyes and be willing to “CHOOSE IN” to doing the hard work. I’m excited to share everything I know with all of you.  -Roxanne Kennedy Granata

Feb 22, 2021

I was a witness to a domestic violence situation and I acted. God brought safety right to her front door and offered a way to be saved. What’s on your front porch showing you how to be saved, change, take action, etc? Are you letting God show you how to be saved? And are you taking it?

Feb 14, 2021

I took back Valentines Day. Trauma will no longer own me or any other date that brings up past trauma experiences. I teach you a technique to raise your vibration to shift your heart and mind and change the way you view the outcomes of the future.

Feb 8, 2021

Noticing the shame we carry and feel when we are happy, sad, or being treated poorly will help us learn how to reject it. We will not allow it to have place in us anymore. Shame robs us of feeling good enough and tells us lies about who we are and what are true situation is. We are busting through shame in this episode...

Feb 1, 2021

As we find our power from deep within we begin to change our circumstances. With each step of change we feel empowered with our growth and healing. We begin to feel happy and proud of ourselves. This joy moves us forward. Healing happens. Life changes. And it feels good.